Once Upon a Turnabout

An Ace Attorney Fantasy and Fairytale Zine

Once Upon a Turnabout is an unofficial fanzine that views the Ace Attorney series through the lens of fantasy and fairy tales.We are currently in our creation period. The zine will be released both digitally and physically. Once Upon a Turnabout is a non-profit zine, and, after funding our contributor bundles, all proceeds will be donated to Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. It is our goal to eventually have a digital copy of the zine available for free to those that want it, as we began the project with this in mind.This is a SFW, PG-13 zine. We understand that the fantasy genre and fairytales can involve culturally and otherwise sensitive topics. All content will be screened for cultural representation issues, biases, harmful stereotypes, etc.

Mod Team

Jove || Head Mod / Graphics

Hi! I'm Miles Jove (they/them), and I'm an 18-year-old Editing and Publishing student located just outside of Washington DC. I'm this zine's graphics and writing mod, as well as the head mod. While this is my first time working as a zine mod, I've been a contributor to zines and minibangs as both a writer and artist. I'm very excited to work with everyone on this project!

Kayt || Production

Hey there!! I'm Kayt (she/her), 28, and I like long walks on the-- just kidding! I'll be handling financials, production, and shipping! I've done finance and shipping for a few projects already and I also help manage online shops and an artist group order server! I love fairytales and I love Ace Attorney, so this zine is a perfect fit! The most important thing to know about me is that I can and WILL commit a crime for Ryuunosuke.

Wowzy || Social Media

Hey, I’m Wowzy (they/them)! I'll be your social media / organization / communication mod! I'm a 27 year old veteran cosplayer and recently completed my Masters in Project Management. I have a BS in Marketing and have been working in social media management and business development for years. I'm excited to apply my less than exciting management skills to the world of fanzines!

Greenie || Art Mod

Hello I'm Greenie, I'm 23, and pronouns are they/them. I'll be your art mod! This is my first online zine project this big as a mod but I participated in some local printed zines and a digital Homestuck zine as an artist ! I'm a professional game artist and illustrator with a degree in sequential art and I am very happy to put those skills in application in this project!

Daniel || Discord Mod

Hello, I'm Daniel, I'm a 19 year old artist from Argentina. I'll be the Discord server's moderator. I've worked as a contributor in a few zines on different fandoms though this is my first time helping with producing one to this level, so I am really excited for this experience.


  • This zine will feature both art and writing with between 45-50 contributors total. This will include 6 writers, 35-40 page artists, and 3-5 merchandise artists. Written pieces will be about 2,000 words maximum, with very little exception.

  • Fusions and alternate universes with pre-existing fairytales and fantasy works are permitted. Works that take inspiration from RPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder are also permitted. While shipping and ship art is allowed, minor/adult and incest ships are not permitted.

  • As fairytales and fantasy are the theme of this zine, writers and page artists are encouraged to collaborate. This could include making a page illustration to go with a fic or spot illustrations to be placed throughout it.

  • This is a SFW, PG-13 zine. We understand that the fantasy genre and fairytales can involve culturally and otherwise sensitive topics. All content will be screened for cultural representation issues, biases, harmful stereotypes, etc. No offensive content (racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc.) will be accepted.

  • Applicants must be 16 at time of application.

  • Applicants may apply to more than one role, but will only be accepted for one.

  • Portfolio files must be easily accessible. Be certain that any Google Drive folders’ permissions are correctly set. If we cannot access your portfolio your submission may not be considered.

  • Sample works should be appropriately tagged for any sensitive content.

  • Individuals will retain the rights to their pieces, but contributors are prohibited from re-distributing their work until pre-orders close. Contributors will be allowed to share WIPs of their pieces later in the creation process. They are allowed to stream their progress on their piece, as long as the video will not be re-playable or downloadable later.

  • Note that we will not accept applicants that engage in hateful, discriminatory, and otherwise harmful activities towards real people/groups, nor applicants with a history of plagiarism (including tracing, concept/design theft, copying, and sale of work not belonging to them).


Interest CheckMay 23rd–June 5th
Moderator ApplicationsJune 1st-June 22nd
Contributor ApplicationsJuly 1st-July 31st
Contributor Results SentAugust 12th
Accept Position byAugust 17th
Creation Period BeginsAugust 12th
Pitch Check InAugust 19th
First Check InSeptember 12th
Second Check InOctober 9th
Third Check InNovember 19th
Final Pieces DueDecember 16th
Pre Orders OpenFebruary 14th

*NOTE: All dates on this schedule are approximate and subject to change.


Will Great Ace Attorney/Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney/my favorite AA game be included?
Content from any Ace Attorney franchise games are permitted (including Great Ace Attorney). Frequency of the appearance of each game has been determined by the results of our interest checks and contributor applications.
Will darker aspects of legends and fairytales (Grimms’ Fairy Tales for example) be permitted?
Absolutely. The zine is SFW and PG-13 however, so content outside of these guidelines is not permitted. Darker themes/depictions of violence are allowed to some extent, but extreme and graphic violence/gore are not.
Are fairytales from all over the world allowed?
Yes, this zine will not be exclusively eurocentric.
Is there an age limit for applicants?
You must be at least 16 years old to apply to this zine.
Will you be screening applicants' social media?
We will be screening for applicants that engage in hateful, discriminatory, and otherwise harmful activities towards real people/groups and applicants with a history of plagiarism. This is a PG-13 zine, meaning that our target audience does include people who are under the age of 18. Contributors are only required to be 16 to apply. Any contributor or participant in the zine is, by extension, a representative of the project itself. Contributors that create offensive content (such as content that is racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, or pedophilic) will not be accepted.
Is it alright if writing submissions go a bit under or over the 1.5-2k word count?
1.5k-2k plus or minus 200 words is perfectly okay.